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1966 Ford Mustang
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For the 1966 model year there were no particularly outstanding changes from the previous year.
And why would there have been, if you consider how successful the Mustang had already been anyway. In addition to upgrading the standard equipment, there were mostly just cosmetic changes for this model year.

The five-gauge instrument panel, the upholstered sun visors, a decorative trim strip on the hood and the backup lights were now included with the standard equipment. The same was true for the side trim, but only for the coupe and the convertible, but not the fastback.

The front grill was changed just slightly by getting rid of the honeycomb pattern and replacing it with a square pattern. The grill emblem with the horse and corral was left, but the horizontal bar was removed. The simple side accent, made almost entirely of chrome in 1965, was enlarged somewhat for the 1966 model year and three fingers were added. The gas cap and the wheel covers were also slightly revised.

The well-known styled-steel wheel rims were now adorned with a chrome ring, which was hardly noticeable to the untrained eye. The only tire size available was 6.95 x 14 inch. A 13 inch tire could no longer be had.

In the interior, the band speedometer borrowed from the Falcon was removed from the design and replaced by 5 dial dash cluster. An AM/FM radio was offered in addition to an AM/eight-track sound system. This was one of the first AM/FM devices to be installed in a car.

In order to do justice to the motto of the personalized Mustang, the selection of interior equipment and variations was increased to 34 possibilities. On the one hand, there would now be something for everyone, but on the other hand it was even more difficult for the customer to decide, and this would change again the following year.

The 289 K-code HiPo Mustang was finally available with a C4 automatic transmission starting this year. This improved transmission was slightly different from the normal C4 gearbox in order to meet the demands of the high-revving HiPo engine.
In 1966 Ford decided to produce a limited edition “High Country Special” Mustang, to the delight of its customers. This model was sold only in the Denver district, which included not only the state of Colorado but also parts of Nebraska and Wyoming as well. A total of 333 “High Country Special” vehicles were produced in 1966, of which only 35 cars were convertibles.

The High Country Special was offered only in the colors of Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold, and Timberline Green.
1966 Ford Mustang
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