Dry Ice Blasting - Benefits & Applications

On the previous pages, we have illustrated the principle and functionality of dry-ice blasting. In order to keep an overview of the process, we have compiled the following list of all the advantages and areas of application for this impressive cleaning method.
Advantages of Dry Ice Blasting
  • Dry-ice blasting is nonabrasive, meaning it does not affect the object to be cleaned
  • No corrosion-promoting moisture results from the dry-ice blasting process
  • Dry-ice blasting is gentle and effective in comparison with other processes
  • There are no residues, like cleaning solutions, water, sand, or other blasting material
  • Dry-ice blasting is an environmentally friendly process because no chemicals are used
  • Even if dry-ice blasting seems costly at first glance, it is very economical, fast, and professional in comparison with conventional methods that are very time-consuming and often lead to an unintended result
  • There is generally no need for disassembling attachments because almost all areas can be reached by using different nozzles
  • No additional cleaning solution is needed
  • Dry ice is not electroconductive
Areas of Application for Dry Ice Blasting
  • Removing old undercoating and dirt on the chassis
  • Eliminating oil, fat, silicone, wax, separating and binding agents, adhesives, and all types of dirt
  • Cleaning brake and steering hoses made of rubber or metal
  • Cleaning chassis and steering components
  • Cleaning the entire engine together with subassemblies
  • Cleaning entire wiring harnesses
  • Cleaning interior equipment like carpets, seats, dashboard covering, trims, etc.

It should be noted that rust cannot be removed, or can only be superficially removed, with dry-ice blasting. Here, the work must be done with other methods, like sandblasting, or the affected areas must be replaced with new sheet metal.
Discolorations that have already penetrated into the material, such as with a tarnished carburetor or a manifold, also cannot be removed.

Dry Ice Blasting
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