Dry Ice Blasting - Our Service

All of the dry-ice treatments we offer are performed by trained personnel in our own dry-ice blasting department. The results from dry-ice blasting depend, to a large degree, on the quality and precise coordination of the machinery. In addition to the actual dry-ice blasting equipment, the compressor and the pressure it produces also play an important role in achieving impressive results.

Our dry-ice blasting system is made from state of the art technology. This is true for both the dry-ice blasting equipment itself as well as for the compressors that create constant working pressure of 8-10 bars. An intermediary separator and a reserve tank guarantee interruption-free operation.
Dry Ice Blasting
All components of our Dry Ice Blasting System are perfectly aligned in order to receive superb results.
When you bring us your vehicle for dry-ice blasting, it is always a good idea to be present for the evaluation of the initial condition. This allows the area to be blasted to be precisely determined. Also, the time required can only be estimated after the inspection. However, it is not a problem if it you are not able to be there, because we document that condition of your vehicle at the time of delivery by taking pictures. We will send these pictures to you and discuss how to proceed further.

Before starting the work, your vehicle will be completely covered to minimize dirt on the chassis or penetration of dust and dirt into the cracks of the car body as much as possible. After the dry-ice treatment, your vehicle will be cleaned upon request. Should it be necessary to remove various parts for reasons of accessibility, we will do so after consulting with you, and the work will be done by our mechanics.

Our dry-ice service is invoiced per blasting hour; machine costs, the dry ice, and the labor costs are already included in this rate. If other disassembly work or subsequent cleaning work is to be performed on your vehicle, this will be invoiced at the normal hourly labor rate.

The time needed for blasting the undercoating of an average-sized car is about 4 to 6 hours, depending on the type of sealing material and thickness.

We are happy to provide you with technical advice and cost estimates at any time.

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