Our System for Engine Improvements

With all due respect for classic American V8 engines, it is unfortunately a matter of fact that many of these fascinating engines do not run as smoothly as they could.
But there is no reason that you should be content with this – oftentimes even small tweaks and adjustments can achieve noticeable improvements.

In our experience, each owner’s individual requirements can vary widely. What one owner might see as part of the natural charm of a classic car is entirely unacceptable to another. Of course there can be a variety of limitations to the car’s drivability that should not be accepted from a technical view, either.

A significant increase in fuel consumption, soot, a lack of power, poor starting behavior, and engine knocking are only a few examples of the symptoms that occur with unfortunate frequency and can take the fun out of driving a V8.

It can be said with some exaggeration that really well-running classic American V8 engines are rare, regardless of whether they have been recently imported or have been on the road in Germany for many years.
Many of our customers have been surprised to see the effect that our professional engine tuning can have.

Based on our experience, these engines offer a very broad range of possible optimizations, almost without exception. You can rely on us for this service.

We have developed our own techniques and procedures over the years which make it possible for us to collect meaningful values from our diagnosis, even from these older vehicles. This information allows us to make practical and professional adjustments and diagnose errors.

We don’t believe in making random adjustments based on gut instinct alone since this rarely leads to a satisfactory result.

We consider one of our core competencies to be our ability to work together with the customer and discuss an individually appropriate strategy for achieving a good result with reasonable effort.
This ranges from professional adjustments and repairs to the engine periphery, for example to the ignition and carburetor, to targeted modifications that include possible replacement of individual components, up to a complete engine overhaul or the procurement and installation of a replacement engine. Special devices, such as our distributor test bench, help us to test and evaluate the parts that are often responsible for these problems.

The vehicles and their engines are as individual as our customers’ requests. We don’t think much of a “one size fits all” approach because every engine has its individual strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to economic demands, we also keep the important aspects of authenticity in mind. If you want to configure the car to be a bit more upscale, we can offer you a variety of possible contemporary modifications that significantly improve the drivability and output of your V8 and further increase its charm.
And don’t forget maintenance interval services like normal oil and filter changes.
This work is often forgotten, and over time this can lead to serious but avoidable engine problems.
Ford Mustang Reparaturen & Inspektionen
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Ford Mustang Reparaturen & Inspektionen