TÜV Approval, Historical Registration (H-Plate), Classic Car Valuation


In order to be registered in Germany, a vehicle imported from abroad - especially from the US, Canada, or EU countries like the Netherlands and Belgium - must first undergo technical modification and pass the full TüV inspection. Its German papers must also be drawn up.

Only then can it be registered and assigned a German license plate.
When a classic car is imported, in addition to the steps mentioned above, various repairs are often needed first so its mechanical condition will come up to TÜV standards. Inadequate or nonfunctioning brakes, worn chassis components, and a damaged electrical system are among the issues that often crop up.

Thanks to our extensive experience with TÜV acceptance for imports, we have a very large collection of vehicle certificates and technical data, which allows us to guarantee quick acceptance under §21 of the StVZO (German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations) at any time. Any needed repairs can be done by us directly.
TüV-Abnahmen, H-Zulassung, Wertgutachten für Oldtimer und US-Cars Importe

When registering classic cars, drivers will find that the historical registration as described in §23 of the StVZO is an attractive and popular opportunity.
It provides several advantages, for example, tax reductions and lower auto insurance rates.

The historical plate, or “old-timer plate” as it is also known in Germany, was first issued
on July 1, 1997, and serves to identify historic vehicles. The criteria for obtaining a historical registration have changed several times in past years, most recently in 2011.

The following are the requirements for a
historical registration:
  • The vehicle must be at least 30 years old
  • It must have passed the TüV inspection
  • The interior must be original and contemporary
  • The engine and subassemblies must be either original or from the same model range
  • No part of the vehicle may be rusted through
  • The vehicle must be well maintained and in a good state of preservation overall
We can obtain the historical registration for you directly during the normal TüV inspection and certification of your vehicle. Our network of contacts in this area enables us to realize the full potential of the inspection agencies’ discretionary powers.
TüV-Abnahmen, H-Zulassung, Wertgutachten für Oldtimer und US-Cars Importe

When a vehicle is registered as a classic car, almost all insurance companies require an appraisal stating its current condition and market value.

This is quite an important document, because if a classic car is damaged or stolen, its value is very difficult to determine and often nearly impossible to verify.
In addition to assessing basic criteria such as the condition of the paint and body, the appraisal also considers the car’s authenticity and history and awards an appropriate score for its condition.

We can handle all the prep work needed to ensure a good appraisal for you - a compression test, for example, or detailing. The assessment is done in our own shop.
TüV-Abnahmen, H-Zulassung, Wertgutachten für Oldtimer und US-Cars Importe