Repairs and Inspections

Repairs and Inspections for Oldtimer and american Classic Car Ford Mustang

Classic cars are referred to as such because they have been on the road for 40, 50, or even more years. And just like with people, this generally doesn’t happen without leaving behind some traces.

Every owner of a classic car therefore knows that he will need to have repairs done or adjustments made more frequently than with a modern car. This is not a surprise because all the functions in an “oldie but goodie” are mechanically controlled, and have to be managed without the assistance of multiple control units. For example, it is not unusual for carbureted engines to run very differently depending on the temperature or the time of year.

Of course, repairs are not one of the more enjoyable aspects of driving a classic car, but they are part of it to a certain extent. The scope and frequency of incidental repairs are of course heavily dependent on the maintenance condition of the vehicle and the quality of the work previously performed. Fortunately, the availability of replacement parts for most classic cars has continued to improve in recent years so that in most cases repairs can be completed quickly and at a reasonable price. We have the most common replacement and wear and tear parts for classic American cars available in our warehouse to ensure a smooth process. This is true especially for the Ford Mustang of the first generation, which makes up 70 percent of our parts inventory.

As a garage specializing in classic cars, we always strive to offer our customers high quality repair and service work that is finished quickly, on time, and with great attention to detail.

Our qualified and specially trained team of technicians has worked with the special technology and design of classic cars for many years. This wealth of experience, the use of special tools, and the periodic training in this area ensure professional completion of any repair.

We also consider it very important, especially with classic cars, that the repairs made to your vehicle be coordinated with you in a way that is transparent and understandable.
For this reason, we explain the problems to you in an uncomplicated and understandable way and suggest the appropriate options to resolve them.

The most frequent classic car repairs we complete include the following:
  • vehicle inspections and oil changes
  • work on engine and transmission seals
  • engine adjustments
  • overhaul and repair of braking systems
  • overhaul and repair of suspension and steering
  • repair and complete replacement of the electrical system
  • replacement and custom fabrication of interior components
  • replace and repair of exhaust systems
  • procurement of special tires, such as whitewall tires
  • parts service

Just give us a call, regardless of what the problem might be.
Ford Mustang Repairs & Inspections
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Ford Mustang Repairs & Inspections