Partial Restoration

Teil Restaurierung Oldtimer, Ford Mustang
In practice, we often see cars for which some components have been well-maintained while other areas show a great need for action due to rust, accidents, or wear-and-tear.
This is not unusual if individual areas were already worked on at an earlier point in time. But manufacturing design errors are also often the reason for certain problems.

We call these partial repairs to the affected areas a partial restoration. In this case, it does not necessarily involve sheet metal work, but in truth all vehicle assemblies often come into question.
For example, we frequently see that the interior of a car is still in good shape, but the convertible top, including the rods and motor, is in need of significant restoration. The same holds true for the suspension or steering units, just to name a few trouble zones.

As with a full restoration, we also place a high degree of importance on expertise and precision. In close coordination with you, we will determine what the current condition is at the time of delivery and how the result should look after completion. The damaged parts that can be indentified at this point in time will also be addressed. In many cases we can determine what should be reworked or replaced. However, it is only possible in the rarest of cases to assess the full scope of the restoration from the first impression of the car because the true condition of all parts is not obvious until they are actually disassembled.

Even a partial restoration is documented by is in writing and in pictures in order to be able to track the work completed at any time. It makes no difference to us whether the restoration is somewhat small or very extensive. Our structure and approach are always on the same professional level.
Ford Mustang Reparaturen & Inspektionen
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Ford Mustang Reparaturen & Inspektionen