Our Engine Improvement Levels

On the previous pages we have described the frequent causes of poorly running engines and what approaches we use for a meaningful diagnosis. The information gained in this manner can be used to assess the next steps in the process.

Depending on the customer’s request, a basic setting and the elimination of any problems is now performed. In most cases there is already a noticeable improvement in how the engine runs. This assumes the engine block is in good order. We refer to these basic activities as the first level in our engine optimization concept.
V8 Motor Tuning Performance Mustang
V8 Motor Tuning Performance Mustang
V8 Motor Tuning Performance Mustang
V8 Motor Tuning Performance Mustang
V8 Motor Tuning Performance Mustang
The following list is a general summary of our additional performance packages in order to give you an initial impression of our ideas for structured engine optimization.
Level 1 - Basic Settings and Correcting Smaller Problems
  • Installation of lambda sensors to connect the engine to the test equipment
  • Collecting data and values while idling
  • Completing a test drive in different load ranges with the correspond acquisition of relevant data
  • Basic settings for the carburetor
  • Checking the fuel pressure
  • Adjusting the vehicle’s distributor
  • Checking the ignition coil and the spark plug wires
  • Checking the oil system
  • Adjusting the engine on the basis of the data gathered
Level 2 - Subtle Performance Enhancement and Increase in Stability
  • All work from Level 1 is included
  • Replace the OEM intake for an aluminum brand-name product
  • Install a 4V brand-name carburetor
  • Replace the fuel lines and connectors with professional products
  • Install an inline fuel filter
  • Install an accessory fuel pump with regulator (mechanical)
  • Install a high-quality distributor with vacuum
  • Install a professional ignition coil in addition to HEI spark plug wires
  • Install an aluminum radiator with shroud and an electric fan
Level 3 - Performance and Appearance
  • This package includes all the work in the Level 2 package
  • All the components described in Level 2 are replaced with components with higher performance characteristics
  • Depending on the customer’s preference, additional visual variations can be introduced. These could be the specific installation of black components or touching up the original engine color
In addition, we offer services for specific improvements of the oil system and the engine cooling system. This includes electric racing fans with thermal controller, high performance water pumps made of aluminum, oil pans with larger holding capacity, or an additional oil cooler with thermal element, to name just a few of the existing options.

Because the topic of engine optimization is very complex we can only provide a very superficial outline here of the many different options.
We are happy to personally provide you with more information on our services and the diagnosis of your vehicle at any time.

Don’t forget: Nothing spoils classic car driving enjoyment like an engine that does not run perfectly.
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